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Welcome to Fitzwater Property Inspection!

Are you buying a home? Selling your home? Looking to purchase or lease new office space? Starting a business, or expanding your business to a new location? Let us help ease some of the uncertainty of such a momentous change by performing a thorough, professional real estate inspection for you. That way, you can get a better handle on what exactly is going on with your home, condo, office building or suite, store front, or working farm!

We provide real estate inspection services for residential, commercial, professional, and agricultural properties for the Central Bluegrass region of Kentucky, which includes - but not limited to:

Though the Central Bluegrass is our primary focus, we gladly provide services anywhere in Kentucky — just call!

What to Expect

A property inspection is a non-invasive, visual examination of the structure in question and its' component systems, including:

The inspector will concentrate on the condition of the structure and its’ systems, pointing out any safety and maintenance concerns found. This is a visual inspection — the Inspector does not do any destructive testing, neither can he inspect what he cannot see, though the Inspector will remove normally-accessed covers and panels to get a better look.

Afterwards, the inspector will walk you through all the concerns and items of note that he has found — which usually will be minor issues and maintenance recommendations, letting you better plan for any repairs or corrections that may be needed. You will receive a report of these same findings (Adobe® .PDF format), and a printed copy of the report will also be mailed to you for your records.

However, the issues that really matter will fall into three categories:

Naturally, anything in THESE categories should be addressed sooner rather than later.

For a better idea of what to expect, here’s a video demonstrating exactly what we look for when performing a property inspection. Click here to watch the NAHI Virtual Home Inspection Video Walk-Through. Also, here is an example of the report you will receive when your property inspection is completed.

What Not to Expect

A property inspection report does NOT include the condition of every wire or pipe in the building — this is referred to as “technically exhaustive”, and to be honest has no bearing on the overall condition of the property anyway. The Inspector is primarily concerned with pointing out maintenance items and/or safety issues. Neither is he concerned with minor or cosmetic items such as old paint or worn carpeting, as these are readily apparent and again have no bearing on the reliability of the structure or its’ installed systems.

Also, a property inspection is NOT a building or code inspection. It is not the property inspector’s job to ‘police’ your home or office — his primary concern is your safety, as well as any reporting to you any maintenance issues that could affect the structural integrity or value of your property.

Compliance with construction codes and public ordnances is the government’s responsibility. Regulations can vary GREATLY from one location to another, and consistently change over time, so what would be inadmissible in one jurisdiction may be perfectly acceptable in another.

So Take a Deep Breath...

Buying or selling a home, moving your farm or office, starting a new venture — these are all BIG decisions that will affect your life, your family, and your business for years to come. So let us help you make as informed a decision as possible regarding whatever property you are considering!

Contact us today to schedule your professional property inspection, or to request pricing for an inspection!


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